Surface water drains generally discharge into a watercourse or through a Rainwater Harvesting system.  

Contamination of this water by oil, chemicals or suspended solids can have a serious impact on it’s quality and usability.  

Interceptors are designed to naturally separate the water from the pollutants which will float on the surface and can then be drawn off for further treatment. Silt will also settle in the unit for drawing off on a regular basis.  

A full range of units are available from Cirrus to suit different applications, all designed & tested  in accordance with BS EN 858 (Separator systems for light liquids, e.g. oil and petrol) if necessary. 

Storage tanks, for water attenuation and the storage of many different fluids and semi solids, such as sewage and silage, are available. Generally manufactured from GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) with capacities from 1,000 – 250,000 litres.