Retention Sockets/Loop Box

Retention Sockets/Loop Box

Retention Sockets are designed to securely retain in position all types of traffic signal posts. They allow posts to be removed and replaced quickly and simply, after they have been damaged or knocked down completely.  

The RS115DF Retention Socket is available in long or short depths to suit different applications.  

It eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavations after accidents, allowing posts to be removed and replaced in minutes.

The “Tee Bend” Retention Socket allows electric cables to enter and exit through the base of the post via a robust, two-way, ductile iron, 360 degree, “T” type swivel bend. 

The “Bridgedeck Base” Retention Socket is designed to be used in areas where there is a severe restriction on the foundation depth available, it incorporates a large fixing plate for stability. 

The “Duck Foot Pole Housing” provides an efficient, cost effective solution for replacing standard 115mm traffic signal poles and accommodates a range of duct entry sizes. 

The Carriageway Loop Box has been specifically designed to give roadside access to carriageway loop cables.  

It is designed to be installed in the carriageway adjacent to, or offset from, the kerb edge.