Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Today, for single dwellings or small developments without economic access to a mains sewer, Package Sewage Treatment Systems are the preferred solution. They clean the wastewater to a high standard permitting discharge directly into a  soakaway or watercourse. 

A selection of sizes are available to suit the anticipated number of “full time residents”. Please refer to British Water’s “Code of Practice – Flows and Loads 3” for detailed information.

A Septic Tank is an integral part of a septic sewage treatment system which partially breaks down solids by anaerobic digestion. 

It is used in conjunction with a form of secondary treatment, such as a drainage field, drainage mound or constructed wetland.

Spherical or cylindrical (permitting reduced depth) options can be supplied with capacities from 2,720 litres.

A Cesspit, also known as a Cesspool, is a sealed holding tank for the reception and temporary storage of sewage. No treatment is involved. The tank must be emptied frequently. Capacities from 1,000 litres are available.

They are frequently supplied for other usages such as dealing with Silage Effluent on farms.